PIAG Request for Action

>>>>>>PIAG Request for Action


Friends, please join in the Meeting’s support for Palestinian children and their families by sending an email to your representative–for most of us, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell. PIAG minute can be found at: https://www.annarborfriends.org/misc/bus/PIAG-Minute-2021.pdf. PIAG is sending the following letter and invites you to write, as well. You may use this email website: https://debbiedingell.house.gov. Click on “Contact,” scroll down, enter your name, etc. and then simply copy this letter (or your own version of it) into the “Comments” box.

Dear Representative Dingell:

We in Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (Quakers) believe that you are deeply concerned for the welfare of children and families. As you know, Palestinian children have long suffered ill treatment, including detention, at the hands of the Israeli military.

We want to share with you that on October 17, 2021, the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting adopted a minute of concern “In Support of Human Rights for Palestinian Children and Their Families.”

In doing so, Ann Arbor Friends joined the American Friends Service Committee in support of H.R. 2590, a bill that would ensure that U.S. tax monies will not enable further violence toward Palestinian children and families. The bill also opposes demolition of Palestinian homes and annexation of their land.

We ask for your support and co-sponsorship of this important, humane legislation.


Please see the Meeting’s Palestine-Israel Action Group page for more information about PIAG.
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