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A Worship Sharing will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2021, 12:45 p.m. via Zoom on part 2 (‘Acknowledgments & Amends’) of the Draft Queries from the Meeting’s Committee on Ministry and Counsel.

Too often we are not aware or do not notice that we have said or done something that causes hurt or damage to others. Reasons for that are many and varied, but paying attention to our own speech and behavior helps us see the effect on others. When we recognize, and eventually accept responsibility for our actions large and small, we can then begin to practice making amends.
Making amends is more than saying ‘sorry’ or giving lip service to other apologies. Of course, it is important to acknowledge offenses, but it is more important to work on rectifying wrongs, altering behavior patterns, and seeking actively to be a good model to others, especially our children.

  1. Do we acknowledge the difference between what we say and the impact on those who hear us? Listeners may not hear what speakers intend, but may still be injured by the words.
  2. Do we think about how the things we say may perpetuate systems of injustice (racial, economic or others) in our society?
  3. Am I ready to recognize or admit to saying or doing things that are inappropriate and unacceptable? Do I think about how these issues might be resolved?
  4. Am I willing to examine my own motives for the beliefs I cherish and perpetrate? If we do not like what we see, are we willing to explore avenues of change?

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