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AAFM’s Committee on Ministry and Counsel (M&C) is hosting a Gathering for Listening on Sunday, April 3, 2022, 12:45 pm via Zoom (same as Sunday meeting for worship). Can also be joined in-person from the Meetingroom.

The gathering is to listen to leadings shared by Friends. Held in a manner similar to worship sharing, Friends will share their leadings but not comment, discuss or debate the leadings shared by others. Friends’ contributions during the gathering will be summarized in written form and shared with the Meeting. (The gathering is not a worship sharing.)

The gathering will consider the following:
We often start from places of good intention in our words and actions. However, the impact of our words and actions may wound the recipients. It is important that we recognize the experience of listeners while simultaneously considering our part in that experience. Listening to and acknowledging people as they express their experience of our words or actions is an important and essential part of our daily lives, if we want to right systemic wrongs. To that end, we might consider the following:

  • Are we careful to consider the impact of our words and look beyond our intent when we speak? Could our words impact those who are different from us or who may not possess the privileges we enjoy?
  • Do we recognize that listeners may hear and experience our words differently from what we intended to say as a result of systemic wrongs and inequities of our society? Do we acknowledge the right of people to express how they experience our behavior?
  • When others voice the ways in which our words impact them, do we listen with a spirit of love, understanding, and forbearance, and do we seek the right course of action in humility?

Zoom connection information – URL: | Meeting ID: 227 076 571.

Please see the Meeting’s Changes page for a comprehensive list of changes to worship, events, and Zoom connection information.

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