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Archive of Past Readings for Reflection

July 2003   On a Small Planet: Awaiting a Distant Signal
Aug. 2003  Holding Someone in the Light: What Does It Mean? Pt. 1
Sep. 2003  Holding Someone in the Light: What Does It Mean? Pt. 2
Oct. 2003  Mysticism Among Quakers
Nov. 2003  Miss Quaker Manners
Dec. 2003  Response to LEYM Queries on Integrity
Feb. 2004  Epistle of Black, White, Asian, and Mixed-heritage Friends, 1991
May 2004  Building the Blessed Community
June 2004   Recapturing the Simplicity of Childhood Summers
July 2004   The Year of Passage in Ann Arbor Meeting
Aug. 2004  “To Live Deliberately”
Sep. 2004  Personal Journey: Universal Consciousness
Oct. 2004  Out of the Silence
Dec. 2004  On Speaking out of the Silence
Jan. 2005  On Deciding to Speak in Meeting for Worship
Feb. 2005  Speaking Rarely in Meeting for Worship
Mar. 2005  In the Life
Apr. 2005  Speaking in Meeting for Worship
May 2005   Quaker Worship
June 2005  Our Life Is Love…
July 2005   Query on Openness to the Holy Spirit
Aug. 2005  Being Tender with Each Other
Sep. 2005  On Intervisitation
Oct. 2005  LEYM Query and Advices: Active Faith & Living Practice
Nov. 2005  On Testimonies
Dec. 2005  Rufus Jones on George Fox and Christianity
Jan. 2006  Meeting Responses to LEYM Queries: Active Faith and Living Practice
Feb. 2006  First Time in Meeting for Worship
Apr. 2006  Looking for a Godly Outcome
May 2006   On Speaking in Meeting
June 2006  On Speaking in Meeting for Worship
July 2006   Proposed Query Revisions
Aug. 2006  Epistle from LEYM Middle School Group
Sep. 2006  What Gives Purpose and Direction to Our Lives?
Oct. 2006  Meeting for Worship and “Is My Message Led by the Spirit?”
Nov. 2006  Friendly Quotations and Queries on Faith & Action
Dec. 2006  LEYM Queries and Quotations on Discernment
Jan. 2007  Participative Humility in Quaker Decision Making
Feb. 2007  Combating Fearfulness
Mar. 2007  Using Quaker Practice
Apr. 2007  Building the Beloved Community
May 2007  On the Significance of Benches
June 2007  Epistle on Meeting Retreat on Building theBeloved Community
July 2007  Love: Making the Creature Most Like unto Himself
August 2007  Epistles from Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, 2007
September 2007  Teaching with Respect and withoutLimitations
October 2007  Reflecting Spirituality in Action and Language
November 2007  Finding the Prophetic Voice for our Time
December 2007  LEYM Query and Quotations on Simplicity
January 2008  Inner Life
February 2008  Response to LEYM Query on Simplicity
March 2008  Pure Wisdom
April 2008  Sense of the Meeting
May 2008  The True Ground of Love and Unity
June 2008  The Quaker Understanding of Concern
July 2008  A Variety of Ministries
August 2008  Surrendering Moral Principles
September 2008  Alternative Response to 9/11
October 2008  Feeling our Way to the Silence Within
November 2008  Practical Effectiveness of Nonviolent Resistance
December 2008  LEYM Query and Quotations on “the Other”
January 2009  The Spirit of History
February 2009  A Peace Squadron
March 2009  The Beatitudes – Three Versions
April 2009  The Undisturbed Opportunity for Communion with God
May 2009  Conservative Radicals
June 2009  Mindfulness Must Be Engaged
July 2009  2009 Epistle from LEYM
August 2009  Ministry of Prison Visitation
September 2009  Consolidated Response to LEYM Query and Minute of FGC Workshop on Quaker Identity
October 2009  Early Friends and “True Christianity”
November 2009  LEYM Query and Quotations on Wonder and Awe
December 2009  Visioning and Empowering
January 2010  AAFM Response to 2009 LEYM Query
February 2010  Companionship with God
March 2010  Eating the Bread of Anxious Toil
April 2010  Consolidated 2009 LEYM Query Response
May 2010  A Serious Search
June 2010  On Scripture
July 2010  Language of the Pure Spirit
August 2010  What Happens in Meeting for Worship?
September 2010  2010 Epistle from LEYM
October 2010  The Victory Tax and What It Bought
November 2010  Guernica: The Cover-Up
December 2010  Cultures of Noise and of Silence
January 2011  Brotherly Love
February 2011  Participatory Worship
March 2011  A Collective Awakening
April 2011  Within Us
May 2011  Nature of God
June 2011  What Happens in our Solitude
July 2011  Wrestling with the Peace Testimony
August 2011  Faith
September 2011  2011 Epistle from LEYM
October 2011  Woolman on Sustainable Care of Earth
November 2011  Finders/Seekers
December 2011  A Near Sympathy
January 2012  Passages for Reflection on LEYM Annual Query
February 2012  Annual Sharing on LEYM Query
March 2012  Ministering to the Meeting for Worship – Without Speaking
April 2012  Friends and Politics
May 2012  Exploring the Use of Meeting Property
June 2012  On Speaking in Meeting for Worship
July 2012  Young Friends’ Experiences of Quakerism
August 2012  Be Still and Cool in thy Own Mind and Spirit
September 2012  Anger and Compassion
October 2012  Membership in the Whole Society
November 2012  Quaker Worship in Community
December 2012  Conscience
January 2013  Passages for Reflection on LEYM Annual Query
February 2013  Friends as Good Plumbers
March 2013  Minute Following Worship Sharing on LEYM Queries
April 2013  Advices as an Addition to Queries
May 2013  Holy Obedience
June 2013  High Windows
July 2013  Moral Integrity
August 2013  A Joyful Spirit
October 2013  Simple Faith
November 2013  Vocal Ministry in the Unprogrammed Meeting
December 2013  Causes and Sources of Poverty
January 2014  Discernment about When to Speak
February 2014  Response to LEYM 2013 Annual Query
March 2014  Practice and Faith
April 2014  Sense of the Meeting (2)
May 2014  The Way Out Is the Way In
June 2014  The Light Within
July 2014  Quaker Practice Unbound from Belief
August 2014  A “Second Education”
September 2014  Working with Hope in Washington
October 2014  Affirming Quaker Commitment
November 2014  Worshipping in the Light
December 2014  Children Are Abandoned
January 2015  Annual LEYM Query
February 2015  Response to LEYM 2014 Annual Query
March 2015  Reflections on SIMPLICITY
April 2015  Lamb’s War and Climate Change
May 2015  Wrestling with Angels
June 2015  Causes Not Yet Won
July 2015  Aura Rosser
August 2015  Arresting Hate Throughout our Culture
September 2015  Hospitality in the Manner of Friends
October 2015  Epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting
November 2015  Meeting for Worship
December 2015  Myth of Police Reform
January 2016  LEYM Annual Query 2015
February 2016  Myth of Police Reform
March 2016  AAFM Response to LEYM 2015 Annual Query
April 2016  How We Care for This Earth
May 2016  Suffering and Glory
June 2016  Savor More, Consume Less
July 2016  Long Past Time to Eliminate Mass Incarceration
August 2016  This is what you shall do
September 2016  Penington on Unity and Liberty
October 2016  Queries
November 2016  The Three-Legged Stool
December 2016  Psalm 160
January 2017  The Color of Justice
February 2017  Cadbury on Friends and the Bible
March 2017  Marilyn Churchill Poems
April 2017  Testimonies and Spiritual Leading
May 2017  An Unfathomable Mystery
June 2017  Affirmations about Quaker Faith
August 2017  A Journey Whose End Is Always in Front of Us
December 2017  Practicing Awareness of the Spirit
February 2018  Annual LEYM Query, 2017
March 2018  Annual LEYM Query, 2018