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The Quaker House Committee is charged with the planning and oversight for two aspects of Ann Arbor Friends Center: 1) the Quaker House Residential Community; and 2) the use of the Meetinghouse and Quaker House by Friends and outside groups.

The Quaker House Committee determines general residential community responsibilities and is active in the selection of new residents. The Resident Host(s) serve ex-officio on the Committee and are expected to attend meetings of the committee; all residents are encouraged to participate in committee business. The committee promotes communication between the residential community and the wider Quaker community, while respecting the autonomy of residents and their community life. It meets with the residents for fellowship and business, and provides support in times of need within the House. It maintains a Quaker House Handbook with current House policies and guidelines and sets contribution levels for residents.

The committee recommends policies for outside groups that meet at Friends Center. Communication and interaction with these groups are carried out by the Meeting Worker and Resident Host.


Quaker House Residential Community (QHRC) is a small intentional living community. We share and care for a beautiful six-bedroom, turn-of-the-twentieth-century house in Ann Arbor, close to the University of Michigan’s central campus.

We strive to embody our strong commitments to: multi-cultural/ intergenerational/ racial/ ethnic/ LGBT inclusivity; delicious, healthy meals; simple, economical, and environmentally friendly living; mature, stable, supportive relationships; and open, forthright, and honest communication.

Quaker membership is not required though we respect and uphold the spiritual leadings of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (peace, nonviolence, social justice, and respect for all).

Regular evening meals are a central activity of the QHRC. Each housemate cooks for the others a few times a month, and participates in weekly and monthly chores as well as regular house meetings; this participation totals approximately six to eight hours per week. A monthly financial contribution is required. There is a formal application process.

The first floor of Quaker House is frequently used for community events. The second and third floors are exclusively used by residents. The house is smoke free. With rare exceptions, pets are not allowed. At least a one-year commitment preferred.

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about QHRC is available here: QHRC FAQ (sorry, broken link).

Application for QHRC (Google Form) is available here: http://goo.gl/forms/EsCsQ2grnW

Quaker House Residential Community
1416 Hill St.
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Contact Person: Elliott Brannon (qhrc.contact@gmail.com)