The Butterfly Project


The Meeting’s Committee for Children and Families (CCF) is joining the Ann Arbor Jewish Sanctuary and Immigration Group and UUAA Immigration Action Coalition in ‘The Butterfly Project’ – a distributed public art project that involves coloring a butterfly poster or creating a butterfly tile for placement in a public place “to remind people that migration is natural and beautiful”. The project hopes to bring attention to the children and adults currently held in detention as a result of U.S. immigration policies and raise awareness of the on-going violations of basic human rights occurring in this country.

We have created individual kits from the supplies it has received that can be either mailed to families or – if it works out – picked up at the Meetinghouse. Participants are requested to decorate the tiles by the 4th Sunday (June 28) so that they can be shared at rise of 11:00 am meeting for worship, and to then return them to the Meetinghouse so CCF can spray them with sealant, and redistribute them for placement along with supplies for a July/August project. The project is not limited to families with children.

To participate, pick up a kit at the meeting house or request one by mail ( and do the following:

  • Decorate ceramic tile(s) with butterflies using permanent markers (like Sharpie pens) and butterfly posters using anything you like.
  • Add a hashtag people can follow to learn more about immigrant rights, e.g., #MigrationIsBeautiful, #FreeThemAll, #NeverAgain, #EndChildDetention, #KeepFamiliesTogether, #DetentionIsDeadly, or #FamiliesBelongTogether.
  • Share your tiles and posters at rise of meeting for worship June 28 (4th Sunday) and return tiles to the Meetinghouse (1420 Hill St.) by July 12 for sealing.
  • Hang your posters and place completed, sealed tiles in public spaces where others will see them.
  • Take a picture of your tile and send it to along with a short description of its location.

Details about ‘The Butterfly Project’ and how you can participate/support the project can be viewed online at:

Please see the Committe for Children and Families (CCF) page for more details about the Meeting’s children and families programs.