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At the Meeting’s April (2021?) Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business (business meeting), the Earthcare Committee introduced a proposal for our Meeting property to become Carbon Neutral (CN) by 2030. The proposal is now also being supported by the Committee to Reduce the Meeting Carbon Footprint and Property Committee and it will be further considered at the June business meeting. For a deeper understanding of what CN means, the Committee to Reduce the Meeting Carbon Footprint has prepared a white paper, “A Path to Carbon Neutrality for Ann Arbor Friends Meeting by 2030” that is available on the Meeting’s website at:

The paper includes information on:

  1. Definition of CN and what we have already done to reduce our footprint.
  2. Conserving energy to reduce our carbon footprint.
  3. Using solar panels to reduce the need for external power.
  4. Understanding the source of our electricity from the grid.
  5. Converting our use of fossil fuel to clean electricity.
  6. Going beyond our buildings.
  7. Carbon Offsets and how they can be used.
  8. Timeline for AAFM carbon neutrality.

If you have questions about the paper or the proposal contact John Williams, Peggy Daub or Jan Wright.

(last edit:  3-17-2023)

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